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Our Products

Stacked formed line preglued


  • Hot food packaging for the fast food industry
  • Stackable
  • Ideal for chicken wings, fish n’ chips, potato wedges, ribs, nachos, etc.
  • Glued and nested, no assembly required
  • Available with our stock print or custom design
  • Available with film laminated or coated inside to retain heat
  • Ready to use – one piece design

*Clamshell box uses:

Fast Food

Sandwhich Containers

Personal Pizza.

Hot Food Catering Trays & Cold Food Square Trays

  • Durable corrugated 2-piece tray and cover
  • Perfect for transporting heavy food products like sandwiches, baked goods, pastas, entrees and more
  • Cover features side locks that secure inner tray and slots for secure stacking Inner tray has fold-down sides for accessible service

White & Brown S.O.S Plain & Custom Printed Paper Bags

Food Service Paper Bags